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Director James Anaquad Kleinert started filming hard hitting and informative films on the plight of America’s Wild Horses in 2003, producing several award winning films.   Fourteen years later, we are in the final stages of production of his most powerful film yet: Disappointment Valley:   A Modern Day Western!   This film brings his previous works into a sharp and powerful focus documenting the plight of Wild Horses, public lands and the current conflicts that will affect America’s future generations. We are in the final cut stages, and anticipate completion in July 2017.  The film will premiere at selected film festivals in the fall of 2017.   Supporters can view it at sneak preview sessions this summer.

More about the project: Disappointment Valley: A Modern Day Western is a documentary film uncovering the controversial issues surrounding wild horse roundups and environmental management by the Bureau of Land Management in rural SW Colorado. Disappointment Valley is a magnificent location, nestled between the lofty San Juan mountains of Colorado and the La Sal mountains of Utah. In this film, the Disappointment Valley Wild Horse herd, led by the iconic stallion Traveler, makes it way amidst red rock canyons, pinion pine forests and ancient Anasazi dwellings and petroglyphs. Traveler and his band of mares and young stallions have their world violently interrupted by a traumatic BLM helicopter roundup. This film follows the story of Travelers the Band Stallion; in the process revealing a complex and corruption fraught system involving land managers and those wishing to exploit these public lands for oil, gas and mining resources.

While working to capture this story, the director James Anaquad Kleinert is confronted by multinational corporations whose extraction deals with the Department of Interior are ripe for corruption. Kleinert, determined to tell the story and honor his relationship to a tribe of wild horses, ends up filing a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act, demanding release of documents regarding a government investigation of his filming work. This lawsuit slowly works its way to Federal Court in Washington D.C. Ultimately, the judge sides with Kleinert, setting legal precedent for future wild horses, western public land issues, and the right of the public to full disclosure and Truth!


About James Anaquad-Kleinert

Always ready to tackle challenges, James Anaquad-Kleinert, the former World Cup competitor in aerial freestyle skiing, has been hailed for both his high action winter sports films and his in-depth environmental films with a strong Native American element. Anaquad-Kleinert produces from his company, Moving Cloud Productions based in Telluride Colorado (www.movingcloud.com). Other works include The Edge of Telluride and Spirit Riders, an award-winning documentary that showed in part on HBO.com (www.spiritridersmovie.com).

Festivals, awards and honors for “Wild Horses & Renegades” include:


  • International Wild Life Film Festival
    • Awards for excellence
    • Special Mention in Investigative Journalism, Cinematography and Music/Sound Editing
  • ITN Film Festival, New York, NY
    • Won Documentary Audience Award
    • Won Best Documentary Feature


93 Responses to Home

  1. Katelyn says:

    I was watching the preview for your video and it states that there are currently less than 25,000 mustangs living in the wild. That statistic is wrong. In Nevada alone there are over 58,000 mustangs roaming freely and back in 2012 when the video was made, there were over 60,000. I don’t have much of an opinion on the mustangs other than I believe they need to be managed more efficiently and they should not continue to stay over populated like they currentry are. Back when there were 2 million roaming most died of starvation, disease, and genetic problems caused by incest among the herds. I’m glad there are people that want to protect the mustangs but don’t let them become over popululated and please get correct statistics.

  2. Howdy, Thank You…Great video, great project, our compliments to ya’ll.
    I Would like to talk and see if we can help support each other, as we so near. I am located in Montrose, Colorado. I am opening Montrose Therapeutic Riding Center this summer, therapy for children with disabilities, nd forming local childrens,and wounded warrior programs. I have made a living with horses for 35 years, with my husband in Napa/Sonoma Valleys in Northern California. We have used so many mustangs through out the years, some of my favorite ersonal horses were Mustangs, like Festus ( Western Horseman 2005 ) We moved back to my husbands home state in 1997. Part of our Trail Rides, there and here, are telling folks,the importance of the horse in our history, and evolution, they helped to build our country. My husband and I have ridden the Canyon Lands of Utah, gathering wild cattle for Robber’s Roost, owned by AC Ekker, a very close friend, who has since passed but looks on us from above when ever we are horseback.
    Please email back at your convenience, so we can seek our journey together…Happy Trails Gary & LaurieAnn Nelson/Elk Ridge Trail Rides/Montrose Therapeutic Riding Center

  3. Danielle Campbell says:

    I just saw your film at the Duango Film Festival. I am an archaeologist and have worked for the BLM, NPS, and around the disappointment valley area. I also grew up around and have learned much from horses. I’ve spoken with biologists about the issue and unfortunately many of them view and manage horses like they would a weed- an invasive species competing with the native species for limited resources. I’ve always felt torn on the subject because I do deeply respect and admire this animal, but I also know how detrimental a “weed” can be in an environment. This film definitely excelled at its purpose-to introduce this issue and wrench at our heart strings by exposing how the land management agencies are really handling it. It’s absolutely disgusting to treat any animals this way, especially under the guise of doing it for their own good.

    I think one of the biggest hurdles is getting everyone to agree on the definition of the mustangs. Not entirely native, and also not making anyone’s living (though some could certainly argue that we became a rich nation on their very backs). They are also unique in their place between a stock animal, pet, and endangered species. This complicates how they need to be managed. And the reality is that we feel it necessary to manage ALL species, whether wild or not, so a plan has to be put in place. In order to speak to the scientific community, and thus to the governing agencies, accurate and reliable numbers need to be calculated. Independent studies, such as the hired helicopter by Michael Blake, need to be conducted in order to really grasp the true impact the horses are having.

    There could be many avenues of protection for the horses, from declaring them endangered species to protected natural and cultural resources. If the argument can be made that they are part of our heritage, just as, say, the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park, then the horses could be protected forever!

    Until then, we need to have people physically out there protecting these horses from the dangerous round-ups! Just like people sit in trees, we could be out there during the scheduled round ups. It is illegal to be treating our mustangs this way and people need to be held responsible.

  4. Linda says:

    I clicked on everything I could, but nothing would let me buy the DVD. Why do you offer it for sale if there is no way to buy it?

    • James Kleinert says:

      Hi Linda, we’ve come across a similar problem before. It turned out that it was an old browser issue. Please try and use a different browser or update your browser. You should be able to see the “Buy” button and it will take you to checkout.

  5. Kyoti says:

    Just seen this tonight. Very sickening, though I appreciate you opening up our eyes to the BLM and their practices. I hope people can pull together and save this majestic breed before it is too late. The American Mustang is the backbone to our country and deserve our appreciation and respect.
    I would rather see my tax money go to preserving the wild horses and their habitat than to the fat-cats in Washington, let them be treated like the Mustangs instead.

  6. Denise Walton-Colston says:

    I watched the video of Wild Horses and Renegades a few moments ago. I am still in tears over the treatment of such a magnificent animal. I am the owner of 4 horses, two that I bought at a livestock auction for less than $200.00 each. One is blind in one eye and the other is a mustang/paint. I know they were headed to slaughter, so I did what was wright and took them home. They are wonderful animals that deserved better, now they are getting it. I live in Oklahoma and was so ashamed to see that this state is at the heart of transporting these horses to slaughter. If you have facebook, post the link for the video and the links to sign the petition to stop this inhumane treatment of our wild horses. Contact any local news stations and try and get them to get this story out there, newspapers and even local celebrities. Please go sign the petition if you haven’t already. Research wild horses on the internet and try and find a local or at least close rescue foundation that is involved in saving these animals. Again, I am ashamed of my state and my government.

  7. Julie Leonow says:

    I stumbled upon Wild Horses and Renegades last night while browsing my TV guide. While I am still haunted by the round-up and slaughter scenes, I am so glad I found this program. I am a horse owner and have helped with rescue horses in the past – but have not seen anything like this before. I am outraged that the US government would allow or support the activities in this film. It must be stopped. I have made a donation and would also like to purchase a print and the DVD (the link to the purchase/cart is not working – you might want to correct that). I hope others will join me in purchasing the DVD and hosting a showing at local horse clubs, social clubs or anywhere they can increase support for one of the most incredible and beautiful creatures on God’s earth.

  8. Joe Soler says:

    What BLM has done to these beautiful animals is insane. All for what?
    Money thats what. Greed!!! At times I am ashamed of the human race,
    for what we have done to this planet and all its creatures. There is
    a price to pay for greed. And the envirement, and all of the planets
    are paying for it. How can anyone envolved in this live with themselfs?

  9. eric says:

    I just watched your documentary, and I agree that the BLM is a corrupt organization. And I am a horse owner and I use horses on a daily basis. My question is how does your organization propose to manage these horses. I read these posts and people say these horses need to be left alone in the wild but they have to be managed to a certain extent. I agree that what is going on now is completely stupid. I’m just curious on what your ideas are. If these horses are just left alone there population would explode until mother nature caused a massive die off. I would just like to hear some peoples different ideas on how to manage a healthy wild horse population

  10. maggie says:

    I want to order a few of the DVD’s so I can share. Is it ok to give a copy to my local library? Also, I can’t figure out the difference between the films “Wild Horses and Renegades” and “Saving the American Wild Horse”. Can someone explain please. How do I donate to the legal fund? Is the lawsuit still going on? Thanks. Maggie

  11. I am an retired firefighter from AZ and just watched your Documentary on (DirecTV) Channel 1269. I love horse’s but have never had the enjoyment of owning or a place for which I could keep one, but when I saw what the program represented it almost made me want to cry. Please let me help. I have a good friend at rplenty00@vtc.net that is doing a wonderful job representing the same kind of cause. You my want to contact her.

  12. Sally Gragg says:

    I am a Cherokee Indian living in Oklahoma. When I saw those large trucks from Oklahoma delivering horses to the pens for slaughter, I lost it.I knew mankind would kill every thing that good in this world, but the brutality of this kind cannot go on.I rescued 2 horses that has taken me 3 months just to be able to touch. I will be contacting every one I can to see this , including all Indian Nations

  13. Marrissa says:

    hello I am doing a paper on why saving the mustangs is a good idea if you can send me any information to help with my paper please do so. My email is sylomarie@gmail.com I am a horse advocate and love them with all my heart so if you can help me help others understand why these horses are amazing that would be wonderful.

  14. Brian Sheehan says:

    How do I RSVP for the Nov. 1st film showing?

    • James Kleinert says:

      With the American mustang crisis in the news worldwide, award-winning filmmaker, James Anaquad-Kleinert brings his star- studded environmental film, “Wild Horses & Renegades” to the 9th Annual ARTVIST film Festival (opening night Film) November 1st, 8PM, at Barnsdall Theatre in the heart of Hollywood, 4800 Hollywood Blvd. To Order tickets (http://openingnight.bpt.me/).

      • Ray Davis says:

        I hope this documentary will gain momentum and reach millions of Americans. I watched it tonight, December 2, and you did such a professional, accurate job on it. I wrote a novel, No Fences, in 2010 as a fiction/historical saga that covered nearly 8 decades and through a heart warming story occurring in the South in Georgia and in the West in Utah, I tried to target people who otherwise could care less about wild horses simply by the story. Some day I hope someone could do a screen write for the big screen. I believe the story is good enough and the message it portrays about how deep pockets are funding the destruction of our wild ones is very apparent.
        Thank you, James for producing this fantastic documentary.

  15. Bill Kunkle says:

    I adopted two Mustangs several years ago. They are great animals and they need to be preserved like any National Treasure. We need to stop or control the roundup of these horses. We must convince the cattle ranchers to stop supporting this roundup. View the following web site http://www.legacyhorsetraining.com
    We here in Virgina support the Wild Mustangs.

  16. Jim Shannon says:

    I spent most of my life in Montana, another site for wild horses in the American West. I also spent my early life (pre-30’s) on large ranches with 30 or more working horses. With this said, I can speak from the standpoint of experience about the horses’ honored place in our heritage. The few remaining wild horses all over the West deserve a life under the protective umbrella of the “responsible” Federal agencies. In my experience, the BLM and often the USFS, yield like a blade of grass in the wind when it comes to pleasing the ranchers (Cattlemen’s Association) and petroleum companies for private use of public land. Ranchers are allowed to lease federal lands from these agencies for pennies per/head to graze cattle. In turn, this dramatically reduces the available grassland for elk and other wildlife, including the wild horses—wherever they might be. Of course, the federal agencies then point to the grazed lands as overgrazed and thereby, they call for a reduction the horse herds and other wildlife. This memtality is an angency-created-problem to supply the desires of the few. Of all the things that needs to be done, one is the most important: the removal of the Conrad Burns provision in the laws outlining the “mission statement” for the BLM and the USFS.

  17. Elisabeth Horne says:

    As a horse lover and owner. I watched the video and it made me sick to my stomach. How can we as humans be so cruel. But thats our government for ya. Always comes down to money and not giving a dam what happens to our future. If we cant stop it I say we take things in our own hands to save the killing’s of whats left of something thats wild and free. Take back OUR LAND and to hell with the BLM. I hope they all burn in hell for what they have done to the horses and still doing.

  18. Dave Linnane says:

    The slaughter WILL continue as long as we allow our government to be influenced by the open greed of ALEC and other corporate entities. People like Dick Cheney, the Koch brothers will continue to rape the American people and plunder our public lands for their own benefit as we allow them to control the Department of the Interior and the BLM while we vote the same people into office year after year. This government needs to be reminded that We the people can and should demand that they respect their constituents. With the power of the internet, and with the number of animal lovers there are world wide, let’s take this viral on the internet. If we don’t change it now, OUR natural resources, will disappear. Somebody put up a website and start collecting names and signatures. DO IT NOW !!!

  19. dusty villalba says:

    I live in Georgia had no idea that was going on out west thats terrible. A little short leg palmnto changed my life. Hate to see something that help build this country just get push to the side

  20. tracy amt says:

    As long as money can be made by rich businessmen this will always exist if the prophet can be taken out it will stop so it must cost business more to remove them than save them

  21. Thomas Hays says:

    Lastnight in Tucson we co-hosted an event in which Annie Mond was a facilitator. Ms. Mond decided to keep the entire proceeds from the benefit show and has betrayed all those who helped organize the benefit event. I would suggest that anyone in the Arizona area take note and cease all work with Ms. Mond.

  22. patty says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne3ppBnbr7g this is going on in nevada right now round ups

  23. Denise says:

    How do you order the documentary? I’m tring to and nothing happens.

    • James Kleinert says:

      Someone had the same problem before and we found that she was using a very old browser. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer, please try using a different browser such as Firefox of Chrome. The “Buy Now” button should work.

  24. Sylvia Ball says:

    As a lifelong lover of horses I was literally heartbroken when I watched the video. The sight of the grey horse being stabbed hurt so bad I had to take nitro tablets for my heart. We need to step up and speak out at what is happening on OUR land to OUR beautiful horses who are so much a part of the legacy of this country. To think that the French and others eat these wonderful creatures is enough to make me wish they would all choke to death. This HAS to be stopped. I’ll do my part, all of you out there do yours. Go to your state’s government page and speak out. Use your social media to spread the word and encourage others to do the same.

  25. donald lauer says:

    Sirs;The motivation behind this eradication of the American Horse is mindless greed—-at taxpayer,s expense.It is also immoral and all involved are reprobates.

  26. Barbara says:

    I saw the documentary last night and was so apalled! We the people need to stand up, tell everyone we know to stop this madness by the government. This is OUR land, WE should have the say what is to be done about it, NOT corporations!

  27. Santa Cruz Equestrian Care says:

    Yes, this saddens my heart, for the wild mustangs! And, I will support the cause.
    But, what about all those horse in the back yards. With little to eat and drink and problems with their hooves. I’ve seen some horses with long hooves that start walking and stand on their heels.
    Well, in Southern Arizona, that’s where, I try to help. People or owners that can’t afford an farrier, I’ll step in to help these poor horses for free. It gets expense at time because of the fuel prices. I do this for the love of the horse! One horse at a time!!
    Someday, I’ll fine a sponsor or two that feel the same!!

  28. I hope everyone will take action to save the Wild Horses…I’m spreading the word so they won’t become extinct.

  29. “I hope everyone will take action to save the Wild Horses”… I’m spreading the message.

  30. Dana Blue says:

    I have been around and had horses all of my life and I have witnessed some horrible things; however, this documentary about the wild horses and the BLM is the most deplorable, disgusting and most evil thing that I have seen. When I first had heard about the BLM was when I was a child; I used to hear stories about them rounding up wild Mustangs and adopting them out, and thought that it would be great to have one knowing I would be helping. However, as I got older I started having second thoughts (bad ones that is) about the BLM and never looked into adopting a wild Mustang; whether it was wrong or right not to adopt I don’t know.
    After watching your documentary last night and had my eyes and mind clearly now aware of why I had had second thoughts about the BLM was brought to light. It really hit home for me especially since I had to have my 34 year old best friend put to sleep; watching this documentary had me crying just as I had when I lost my goregous and loving gelding. I found myself re-playing the documentary back through my head for the rest of the night and then again this morning; I know that I need and want to do whatever I can to help preserve, save, and fight for both the wild horses first and then for land that belongs to ALL of us; not the BLM (they are just the managers and evil ones at that).
    I want to be involved…I will be more than willing to educate as many as I can and bring others aboard to help as well…I just need to know if there is a paper petition that can be placed out in public to reach many more? What other things can I help with?

    A shout out to the BLM and the government entities that have knowling allowed this, I believe that you are souless, spineless, despicible and should ask for forgiveness for your participation in these evil tortures…you are no better than Hitler and the Nazis. I have so much more I would like to say, but I need to save my energy and strength in helping others in the fight to save the horses and “our” lands.

    God Bless to all of you that brought this evil to light and for doing what is right.

  31. aj says:

    This will only stop when we all band together to take back what is ours from the few who would steal it from our progeny. How much will it take before we have all had enough? This behavior has been repeated time and time again on everything from humans to wild animals to even plant species. It is an evil entity that behaves like a virus and it must be stopped! I know there are many out there that would rather stick their heads in the sand and pretend this will go away, but guess what, it won’t. Do what you have to do to make things right. For all of you out there who’s religion says we are the protector of what God created, act now. He looks down on us and I know He is crying!… aren’t you?

  32. Shirley Smith says:

    The wild horses are supposed to be protected not rounded up and put into pens —when is this going to stop? Wild Horse Annie worked very hard on the legislation why is it not helping the wild horses now, what’s up with that? Those horses are doing fine out there, leave them alone stop the helicopter round-ups NOW!!! I really hope the round-ups stop before there aren’t anymore horses left (that would be Horrible.) The BLM needs to get people working there that care about the horses they belong to us the public along with the land they are on. STOP KILLING THEM AND ROUNDING THEM UP. STOP NOW!!!!! Leave them be before its too late!!!!! We the people love to go out and see them in the wild and they deserve to be out there!!!

  33. Raechel Crites says:

    I have always known that the wild mustangs got rounded up. I grew up in Ridgecrest Ca. where there is a holding facility. Now I live in Az. and when I visit Ca. I always drive by and see what is out there. My family and I just took a trip and I was floored at what I saw. They round up these burro’s/mustangs and put them in these facilities but they leave the studs as studs and the jacks as jacks, both are in with mares and still breeding. If all they are going to do is allow these wild hores’s to continue to breed why don’t they leave them in the wild. I was discusted when I saw the video, now that I have a stall open since I sold one of my horses, I want to adopt a mustang but I don’t know if adoption is the answer or does it give BLM a reason to keep rounding up. How do we get them to stop and leave these animals alone to stay wild. Nature takes its course and only the strong survive, who are we to interrupt this cycle.

  34. Forrest J Anderson says:

    I love all animals and i am interested in saving them.

  35. sandy says:

    i just watched the documentary on the wild horses. how heart sickening and tragic. i was so appalled by the helicopter round-ups and the abuse these people (BLM) cause to such a majestic animal.

  36. Linda Johnson says:

    If you want to contact the Senate members on this cruel treatment go here:


  37. Fred says:

    Horses are at the very heart of America. They helped build this country and deserve to be treated with respect and honor. To be used as a food source doesn’t make me sad. It makes me angry. People have become a virus on this planet destroying everything in the way.

  38. David Clausen says:

    I watched the documentary on the mustangs tonight 8/6/2012. That was the most disturbing and painful thing that I have ever seen on TV. I spell BLM—NAZI!!!!

  39. Kate Bathurst says:

    Thank you for doing this film to bring awareness to the plight of our wild herds of horses. By joining together and standing united to end the management of them to extinction by the BLM/National Forrestry we our ensuring our most beautiful, loyal, and honorable American icon is preserved for future generations. Along with the wild horses bringing the end to the greedy and corrupt actions of government agencies that are destroying many animal species wild burros, the bison in Yelllow Stone and other national parks, bears, wolves, wild cats, and many other of wild animals which are at the mercy of humans. All are endanger of being managed to extinction. Once again the wild horse stands at the for front of protecting them and our public lands and National forests from mining and the oil and gas industries who are stripping our country of it’s natural resources, poisoning and contaminating our water supplies, and stripping our forests. Thank you to all of the high profile stars who have stepped up to draw attention to the plight of the wild horses and the many Americans and people around the world who join together every day to do the right thing. God Bless!

  40. Josey says:

    In your document a blm employee stated that they check on the horses they adopt and keep track of them. This is a lie. I adopted two mustangs and once I took them home I never heard from anyone at the blm again. For all they know the horses could be anywhere. I think it is a shame that such a gracious creature is treated worse than cattle. Shame on the blm and the government for such disregard of the public and thier job as caretakers of the land and what is on it!!

  41. angela says:

    Wow I watched this last night and I never knew this was happening to such an amazing creature. I was discusted and I want to do something about these helpless animals!! Im only 14 but I hope that one day I can make a change about this undescribable cruelty!!

  42. Renae Tucker says:

    I had no idea this was happening! I was ignorant! I could only cry when I saw this film. The Documentary Channel always has eye opening films. I cannot sit idle anymore.

  43. Carolyn says:

    There needs to be action taken by every animal lover and person that feels this terror of the wild horses that are being managed by the BLM.

    The real horror to me is the complacency of all of us that weep but do nothing. I am here to do something. The first step we need to take is to become united under one cause. Send your email address to me at save.wild.horses@aol.com so we can begin to form a coalition. We can then form a conference call between us and take the next step of action and make a real difference.

    Dancing with purpose for the well being and freedom of all the wild horses.

  44. From the comments, it seems the majority of viewers were unaware of how these horses are killed. The gray horse was killed by what is called PITHING. Another common method is called the CAPTIVE BOLT. Video of captive bolt killing can be seen by following a link on the Circle S Equine website. http://www.circlesequine1.com
    Not only is the BLM a disaster organization, but keep in mind, there are active slaughter plants reopening in the U.S.
    For Circle S Equines statement on horse slaughter, again, visit our website.

  45. I just watched the documentary channel and found myself becoming ill. I am currently a “TIPS” trainer for the mustang heritage foundation, have owned many mustangs and have been a contestant in the Extreme Mustang Makeover. Even with all that exposure to the BLM I never knew how corrupt and inhumane the program is. I am not not opposed to adoptions, nor am I opposed to events showcasing the American Mustang. However, how are trainers and adopters suppose to be successful in domesticating these horses when the initial contact at round up is abusive and traumatizing? Furthermore, why are we sacrficing the lands these animals roam for a dollar and displacing them when the forest service reserves millions of acres just for recreation. I am disgusted I allowed myself to be so naive. I am determined to aid in the improvement of the travesty. Education and solid options has to be the first step.
    Amanda P.
    Taylor, AZ

  46. michelle says:

    I watched the documentary last night, July 13 2012. I cried. I was truely horrified. All the stories I heard about the BLM for was how they were “saving” these horses. How is slaughtering healthy animals “saving” them? How is confining these majestic animals for months or years in small overcrowded corrals “saving” them? These horses are truely american history. Yet the government seems insistent on destroying them just as it did the Indian nations. Why ?? The answer is simple. GREED !!!!! These animals should not be destroyed just because they are in the way of mining. The BLM should be ashamed of itself. The only animals in this shocking documentary is the BLM. Man is the cruelest of all creatures.


  47. Joni says:

    We adopted 2 wild horses in 2003. They are beautiful animals, and smart. We had them trained and they are wonderful, rideable, and are part of our family.

    We went on a wild horse round up in about 2004 or 2005. What did we learn… The BLM has been lying to the public for years, and I’m talking HUMONGOUS LIES. Everytime I see the Utah BLM guy (yes, I do know his name) on a wild horse special, he say’s the same lies over and over. It makes me SICK that there are actual humans that can be sooooo cruel. Rounding up wild horses is all about $$ to the BLM for leasing OUR land. The $$ being lost by the BLM on the wild horses is because all the employees in the wild horse and burro program have to have their own vehicles (and I’m talking their own truck and horse trail with sleeping compartment!!!). The $$ is not going to the care of the wild horses and burro’s – it’s going to the greedy BLM employees!!!

    Sorry to go on for so long, but I’ve seen it all first hand what is going on with the wild horses and it makes me sick. Write your senators and congresmen, and Obama!!!! (not that any of them listen!!!)

  48. The Nickel Family says:

    Close your eyes, take a deep breathe, exhale, imagine you are in the Old West… you feel the dry dusty air on your face, you see a vast frontier of rugged land… a terrain not too suitable for man… yet off in the distance you see a spiral of movement, a long thick dust cloud and off in the horizon comes an extraordinary vision of wild horses pouncing their hoofs across the dessert plains. Their power so raw and natural, and their beauty beyond description… these wild horses live here… their freedom not only depends on mother nature anymore… but man … unfortunately, the man I’m talking about is selfish and greedy, who’s only concern is to destroy and consume profit till their are no wild horses left. We need to destroy this man and overpower the wrong. All of us who care so deeply need to come together and let our voices be heard and our demands met. Who cries for the wild horses has the power to cure… When we stop weeping, there will be no more… share their tragic story with your children too… as a child’s voice shall carry like the wind and their tears shall impale the hearts and souls of the destroyers. You can help make a difference .. make every effort count…. Make it count!!!

    • Michelle says:

      You are so right. My 11 year old daughter was so upset watching “Wild Horses and Renegades” that she ran into her room crying hysterically last night. She is writing the BLM, congressmen, and senators. I put a fire in her belly. And yes I agree with you that a child’s voice and tears do carry much weight, unfortunately I don’t believe these poachers have hearts or souls. If they did they wouldn’t do such things. 🙁

  49. Kathleen Coartney says:

    Very upsetting but true. How sad that humans are such barbarians. Ranchers exterminated the wolf from the united states and only recently they have been reintroduced under strict protective laws and have began to recover. Ranchers are trying to do the same with the wild horses of the west. I come from the midwest. If you have a cow ranch, you own the property, fence it, and run the # of cattle that your land can support. Why are western ranchers running cattle on thousands of acres of public lands? They view wild horses as competition for grazing land for their cattle and the ranchers want them exterminated. History repeats itself just like the wolf. If enough people stand up we can stop this and the horses can make thier come back under strict protective laws just like the grey wolf has.

    Is there an existing foundation out there that is “Renting” cheap government land, like the ranchers and miners, for a horse sanctuary or wild life reserve? If so, I would like to be connected with them so I can contribute.

  50. Kathleen Coartney says:

    I saw the film last night and like many it brought tears. I have been around horses all my life. I cant imagine selling a horse to a killer simply because it is old or injured. You keep them and care for them as family and they die with you. We dont’ sell off our grandparents to killers because they are old and don’t get around very well anymore, why is it socially acceptable for peoeple to do it to horses for crying out loud!! I dont’ see helecopters rounding up deer populations or geese or other wild animals of the Americas. Why is it acceptable by the government to do to wild horses? Is there someone that is an attorney that can make the comparison to see if it is even legal to do so? I don’t see how.

    Maybe many people can go together and “rent” the public land cheap as the ranchers and miners do to create a wild horse sanctuary?? Count me in.

  51. Jan says:

    I just watched the show on Documentary channel and I can barely write this. I have seen many documentaries and followed the plight of the wild horse since I was a child when I discovered there were horses in the world and fell in love. Thank you for this graphic and straight talking film to show the public what really happens. It makes me sick inside to think there are people that would stoop so low as to treat these majestic animals that signify our heritage and the spirit of America in such a manner for personal gain. I am ashamed of our government and afraid, are we humans next?


  52. Ian Leigh says:

    I just watched this and it made me physically ill seeing these majestic animals slaughtered. The attitude of the BLM, the government and money hungry companies to the raping of this land and the inhabitants made me more and more furious the more I watched. I just posted on facebook to get online here and sign the petition. Maybe if we cut the balls off of some of these polititians and BLM guys they just may get the idea.

  53. MisMagge :) says:

    I have horses. We need so much more awareness on this issue.The film was very informative… People need to march in front of the White House & make it go on the local news. The local news will send it to more people. I have found that no one I encounter have no idea what is happening, not even the ones with horses. I am spreading the issue to everyone I talk to, online & in person. It totally makes me SICK…It is all about money,oil,greed & control….Get a grip. Life for animals & people & clean water is what it is all about. We need to speek out cause we could be next.


  54. Laura says:

    I can hardly write this without crying because your film had such an impact on me! I purchased a BLM Mustang in 1994 from a private owner. I had his adoption papers and I traced his roots back to who fist adopted him from the BLM. It was The Marines Color Guard and when I talked to one of the soldiers, he remembered my horse because of his distinctive ears. The tips of his ears are missing and the soldier guessed it to be frost bite, but I always thought it looked like they were bit off. I know now after watching your film that is probably true! My horse, Radar (that is the name the Marines gave him so I renamed him that when I got him), was three years old when he was caught in Nevada and he was probably put in a corral with other stallions and that is when the tips of his ears got bit off. Throughtout the years I have seen some crazy behavior in Radar, and I just thought it was because he is a wild horse, but sadly now I know it was because he is a traumatized horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Radar is about 28 years old now and he will be my best friend until the day he dies! But since I have seen your film I apologize to him every time I see him! I am sickened by our government destroying these beautiful creatures and Radar is living proof! I want to help in any way I can. Now that I know what Radar and all of the other horses are going through, it is just eating me up inside and I need to help right all of the wrong! Please let me know how I can help!


  55. Don Barnhill says:

    Another government agency using it’s power to either get rich or help their cronies. Write to your congressman and demand that they support this bill (S. 1176, H.R.2966)
    This is OUR land, not the bureaucrats that think they own it. If your congressman doesn’t support this bill, vote him out.

  56. John says:

    Starting to believe the best way to stop it, is to round up ever member of the BLM and every member of the government that backs this holocaust of our wildlife and treat them the same way. We would destroy any country or jail any one person for doing harm to part of this country and its ways of life. There is laws in this country against cruel and inhuman treatment of domesticated animals, inhuman and unlawful killing of wild animals. Does these laws only apply to the people of this country and not the government, no they made to protect our pets and our wildlife from all humans no matter who they are. This is a disgrace and it make me sick. It make me a shame to call this place home, knowing our government only protects what they want for themselves or can put money in their pockets. Its a dam shame.

  57. shelly williams says:

    I saw the show lastnight on the document channel. Without warning they showed a hose being killed in a slaughter house. One guy said it was humane well there’s nothingg humane about it. Our tax dollars are not paying for them to remain in the wild its paying to capture and transport and slaughter these beautifull wild animals we need to do something about this. After seeing the poor animal being slaughtered. How they do it and what the poor thing went through I cried all night. I’ve never actually witnessed such torcher before in myy life, we need to raise more awareness!!!!!! God it was horrible

  58. Tracy Barron says:

    Thank you for the sickening yet eye opening film. As a life long horse lover & animal lover it made me cry to see the abuse & torture these animals go through to line the pockets of greedy bureaucrats. It is disgusting. How we as human beings can do such cruel things to another living thing is beyond explanation. Some truly have no respect for life. Oh what a better place this land would be if white man had never shown up here & the native peoples where still in their rightful places, some of them on the backs of these very same creatures the BLM tortures for profit. As soon as your documentary ended I contacted President Obama, my Senator & Representative. It has to stop. Good luck in your fight & I will open the eyes of as many as I can.

    Tracy L. Barron
    Pembroke, Massachusetts

  59. Pamela Minton says:

    I have tried to contact Ken Salazar’s office and was given two other phone numbers (both BLM offices). Hope I wasn’t given the runaround! Here are those numbers…1-866-468-7826 and 1-202-912-7260. Please raise yor voice, and ask everyone you know to do the same!

  60. Sherry D. says:

    On the breaking backs of horses did man succeed to where he is today. Think about it.

    The breaking back of the horse who plowed our fields for food to grow. Breaking backs of the horse to carry us when we were tired or too sick to walk.

    The horses pulling our wagons or carts, pulling wagons for mining coal or anything else that man asked or told of the horse to do.
    Wasnt it the horse who carried us in war? The movie ” War Horse” did you think it did not happen ? They used horses all the time to carry the military, artillary as it showed in the movie.
    How can we NOT notice or care what is happening? WHile oil, gas , cattle and uranium are important I think it best to find a way to have these wild horses among us. Shame on us for not remembering how we succeeded to where we are if it had not been for the horses. This is so sad.

  61. Mary Rae Nieland says:

    The Documentay was very informative. I cried when I saw the horse get stabbed in the head with the long dagger. WE NEED TO STOP THIS NOW !!!! Can we start a petetion to put the round up and killing of these beautiful animals to an end? Will the phone calls do any good? The American people own those horses. Not the BLM and or the Government. Who gives them the right to decide they need to leave their land? Tell us what to do and I am sure many of us will get busy and work on this. Mary

  62. marina durham says:

    Why dont we stand up and make a wild life reserive for them? What can we do to help save them from being killed for no reason at all? I dont know what kind of person you have to be to kill a horse. I hsve been sround horses my whole life and when i get older i want to be able to have a horse still and be able to see the wild horses but if we dont do anything to help them then there wont be any horses left. I want to be able to help any way i can even though im just a teen. So im puting my foot down and gonig to try to put a stop to it.

  63. Sue Grell says:

    I own 3 of these magnificent mustangs and there is no other bond as strong as these horses, once you have earned their trust they give you their all. It kills me to see what is happening to them, they are Gods special creatures, read the bible it’s in there!! If people would stop over breeding domesticated horses and adopt more of the mustangs we would be doing them justice. Give these horses a chance to show you the love and bond they will give you. I also own other horses but my first choice is the mustang over them.

  64. Pamela Minton says:

    Your documentary brought me to tears! I am going to ask everyone I know to contact Washington to put a stop to this travesty! We all need to take action…together we can save these animals?

  65. Sally Ocken says:

    This is the first I have seen this documentary. I am so completely sad, mad, frustrated. I don’t know which way to go. I want to help save the wild horses. I live in Nevada.

  66. Is your film available for screening at film festivals? This resonated powerfully with me, and I believe this would be an asset at our festival. We would need a quick response since we are in the process of finalizing our program for September. Thank you…

    Brian McLoughlin

  67. Ron Landskroner says:

    I posted the following message to a bird education listserv:

    The very same forces behind the wild mustang roundups is decimating our grassland birds and, by extension, all bird species. And what is driving that is capitalist greed, unsustainable government policies, rampant consumerism, and out of control growth. I must utter my refrain once again: It’s ALL connected.

    Ron Landskroner
    Oakland, CA

  68. nai'a korina says:

    dear james…so the next milestone is done, congratulations…now we need to bring your important film over to europe!!!! see you…ocean love naia

  69. Makayla says:

    Ok I’m a fighter and when I see a innocent animal going instinct I need to take action so I have a question how do I help these wild horses and what to do plz write back if anyone knows how and also what I need to do

    • Donkey Girl says:

      Please call President Obama at 202 456 1111 and ask for an executive order for a moratorium on BLM roundups and a congressional investigation into the practices of the BLM

    • janis says:

      Go to the website and make telephone calls to suggested government agencys. A script will help you with what to say. Raise awareness through electronic media, letters, conversations with friends. Buy the DVD of Wild Horses and Renegades. Make a donation if you can. Don’t give up. These horses belong to you.

  70. Makayla says:

    Plz i need u to tell me how to help get thes wonderful animals help!!!!

  71. Ingrid Rouwet says:

    This is a shame and it makes me sick.
    Stop this holocaust immediatelly.
    I will show this doc to all my friends all over the world.

    Ingrid Rouwet
    Rotterdam – The Netherlandes

  72. I am a fine art photographer specializing in wild horse fine art and documentary photography. My husband and I are planning on purchasing some land in N. NV, perhaps around Palomino Valley area and opening a wild horse rescue. We are looking to meet other wild horse advocates and work together. Any info and resources you can give us would be much appreciated. Thanks for your kind consideration.

    Very cordially yours,

    Brenda Harrah

  73. Thank you for producing such a beautiful and moving documentary about such a horrible tragedy. May those of us who love these majestic animal continue to battle for their freedom, until justice prevails and these wild animals are restored to their natural free state.

  74. Thank you so very much for making this fine documentary on one of our most sacred animals within our Creator’s Great Sacred Circle Of Life. I pray your important work will help save our wild horses for our future generations. Keep up the great work you are doing.
    Myron Old Bear
    Medicine Wheel Mesa
    Bedrock, Colorado

  75. christine perry says:

    Please, what can we do to help stop the BLM from this deplorable treatment of our country’s most beautiful animals-the wild horses! Give us direction! Watched the movie & the trailor, listed to all who spoke… Write to the Bureau of Land Management?

    • Jane Eagle says:

      I oppose the existence of the BLM. They do NOT “own” these lands: we do; and we have been paying the BLM to mis-manage these lands. Please write to your senators and Congress members and ask them to cut the budget for BLM, or de-fund it entirely. We the People set aside large amounts of land for OUR horses and burros. The BLM rents it super cheap (in many instances it actually costs taxpayers!) to ranchers and miners. This is NOT their mandate. They are killing OUR wild horses, as well as OUR last remaining bison, and lots of other wildlife. Get rid of the BLM, and get ALL the. damn livestock off OUR public lands.
      And every time you eat a burger or a steak, you are paying to kill our wild horses…

      • Palmer Fischbeck says:

        I cant understand why the government is killing these horses. What
        is the purpose? The horse should roam free. Im sure they have more sense
        that those in Washington. The people of this country have had enough
        of the empire. Obama and his cronies need to wake up and find the balance of nature. “Force no matter how concealed begets resistance.”
        This country is ripe for revolution. El Coyote

    • Leslie Bagley says:

      Christine, I am an Advocate for the Wild Horses and I appreciate your concern for OUR beloved animals. In answer to your question about what you can do: 1) Get informed. Go to Wild Horse Education.org, Straight from the horses heart, or google American Wild Horse. That will start you on the road to becoming an informed advocate. 2) Contact your congressmen and senators. Look for and sign all petitions available online. 3)Spread the word to ALL your friends and family. Be a voice for the voiceless! God Bless you for your help and concern!

  76. Alison says:

    I was wondering where I could purchase this documentary? I attended Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology and wanted to give this DVD to my favorite teacher who was the head of the large animal department. We had talked about going to see it at the Denver Film Festival, but couldn’t make it. Please let me know where I could get this for her!
    Thanks so much,
    Alison Bunnen

  77. Greg Villers says:

    The horses are the dolphins of the land. Show these beautiful creatures they respect they deserve now and provide them with land that is suitable for their flourishing. WAKE UP stupid people who are harming these animals.

  78. vickie smith says:

    I have been an advocate for horses and wild horses throughout my life. These magnificant animals are teachers and we need to listen to what they offer not slaughter for our materialistic purpose. Thank you for the work you are doing and for spreading the word about our heritage and the wild mustangs.

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