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BLM Lawsuit

Federal Lawsuit To
Save Wild Horses From Planned Extinction

June 23, 2012: A federal lawsuit filed in September 2011 challenges the legality of a helicopter roundup and asks the court to return the captured horses to a bigger, sustainable range.

The September 2011 Telluride screening of the film “Wild Horses & Renegades” by James Anaquad-Kleinert sparked a groundswell of outrage and activism. Since then, a well-organized group of over 30 volunteers has pooled their efforts in support of Kleinert’s mission to expose the BLM’s mismanagement of wild horses and public lands, and to assert political and legal pressure on the BLM to treat wild horses in a humane and environmentally responsible manner.

Two weeks following the screening, the BLM held a helicopter roundup of wild horses in Disappointment Valley, near Telluride. These very horses, and the violence of a previous 2007 helicopter roundup, were featured in Kleinert’s film. The Telluride community became ignited. Unprecedented numbers attended the 2011 roundup, and they experienced first-hand the BLM’s cruelty and illegal conduct.

Incredibly, the Telluride volunteers have saved every single one of the unadopted wild horses to survive the 2011 Disappointment Valley roundup. Volunteers raised $25,000 and arranged for the transportation and board of 27 horses through the winter, sparing the horses years of feedlot-style captivity, or worse, slaughter in unimaginably inhumane conditions in Mexico.

The film also generated a federal lawsuit (Kleinert v. Salazar), challenging the recent Disappointment Valley helicopter roundup based on violations of the 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse & Burro Act, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and the U.S. Constitution.

The legal strategy focuses on staying in court post-roundup. Federal lawsuits against the BLM under the 1971 Wild Horse Act are rare and recent, and this area of the law is literally developing by the day. Most lawsuits are dismissed for lack of standing and mootness. The Kleinert case is unique and should withstand dismissal. This is because the volunteer group is able to return captured horses back to the larger range they inhabited 1971, so the herd can repopulate to a higher, genetically sustainable size. Since the captured Disappointment horses can in fact be returned to the range thanks to community support, the court can grant this relief, which means the case should withstand dismissal and the plaintiffs can stay in court post-roundup.

This will be a rare opportunity to create new law. It could be a game changer for the American wild horse and its advocates.

We Need Your Support

Kleinert is asking for financial support to build on the progress made so far. Kleinert is completing the film “Wild Horses & Renegades” for final release and distribution. This powerful movie is an extraordinary media tool for raising public awareness of BLM mismanagement of wild horses and our public lands. Kleinert’s costs to release the film are about $75,000. Additionally, legal costs for the federal lawsuit are expected to be in the range of $50,000 to $75,000.

To donate online towards film release expenses, please click on the PayPal donation button below.

To donate towards legal costs, please send a check to:

Law Office of Diane Wolfson
560 Mountain Village Blvd., 102A
Mountain Village, CO 81435

We are currently seeking funding for James Anaquad Kleinert first Amendment case against the BLM.  Harvard Graduate Raymond Vesvari expresses his interest in taking the case and it’s incredible potential.

We are seeking funding for this important 1st Amendment case or support from a pro-bono constitutional rights attorney.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration in helping to protect and uphold America’s Constitutional Rights.

– James Anaquad Kleinert


23 Responses to BLM Lawsuit

  1. Judy Picard says:

    I have to echo all these comments…I just watched the video and was physically ill in my heart. The United States of America is supposed to be the leader of the free world and, yet, are responsible for the most horrible atrocities being inflicted on the very last symbol of freedom in this country. We call ourselves civilized, I call the hearts of man that can participate in these unthinkable crimes against innocent and magnificent beings….souless and black…void of any kind of compassion. Those who sin against the creation, sin against the Creator.

    I heard mention of a petition to sign but I don’t know where to find it. Can someone direct me to it?

    Also, how can all those who participated in every aspect of those roundups get off without some kind of punishment? They committed unthinkable crimes…animal cruelty at the top of the list? Yeah, where is Robert Redmond when ya need him??!

  2. zana white says:

    Great idea Joe P. I was thinking about the very same idea and am wondering if anybody is going to do the Harrisburg Horse Expo? I would like to sponsor a table and play the video and have petitions to sign as well as handouts and whatever else is available to help…will also look at any other large horse shows in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey/Deleware/Maryland areas and do the same. I know all of this has been going on for a long time, but it’s time to put an end to the suffering….
    I watched the documentary over and over and am so sad and heartbroken at the unbelieveable cruelty being inflicted on these wild horses, not to mention the domestic horses that go through the slaughter pipeline…I just don’t understand how these people who are doing the roundups can do what they are doing with a clear conscience!
    Thank you to the film makers and all those who helped in putting this documentary together. It was so very hard to watch I can’t even imagine being there and filming it live, being witness to such a terrible atrocity!

  3. Joe P. says:

    You should reserve tables at the Pennsylvania National Horse Show, Washington D.C. National Horse Show, and Alltech National Horse Show that are all coming up. Play the video and sell it and have petitions for them to sign and info to call and write. Even hit all the big horse shows no matter where they are.

  4. zana white says:

    There is NOTHING HUMANE about slaughtering horses…NOTHING! The horses are not handled humanely…if you have not seen any of the undercover footage of horses being slaughtered than do it now…force yourself to watch the horror, the torture, the hideiousness of slaughter…let the countries that eat horses eat their own horses and leave our American horses alone. Shame on the kill buyers and the slaughter plant owners and shame on those who do the actual killing…it’s a disgrace…it’s cruel…and you are not “humane” beings..you are beings with black hearts and souless…
    It is said that horses are a mirror to our soul…how we treat them is how we treat each other…look closely at what is happening to the mustangs and our own domestic kept horses…for what happens to them will soon happen to us…. may the higher law have mercy on us all….for there is the universal law of cause and effect…it is undeniable…what goes around comes around…it is unforgiveable what is being done….

  5. MIchael Wilson says:

    This is a common sense subject. I don’t think Barack cares for America if he doesn’t support Native Americans and the Native American Wild Horse (Mustang). Really like the Buffalo before them, they
    need to be first and not last.

    The American Horse is symbolic of the American Eagle and the American Bear and the rest
    of the American species of animals. All of them need to be protected against any human threat to
    their existence. Based on the needless slaughter of the Buffalo, I would site that example as a
    need to go in the opposite direction and care and protect all the animals even from hunting.

    I would outlaw hunting or stalking an animal or being able to kill it at close range with any
    firearm. The roundup of horses would be a crime also. There needs to be a vigilante group
    that protects the animals. I would advocate for a group like that to counteract the threat against
    the horse that cannot speak to you. No horse wants to be put to the slaughter house. Their life
    is on the Plains of the American West and they would speak that they are not Food for anyone else’s
    plate. There ought to be a group that has freedom to deter or likewise kill any human who is rounding
    up the horse. This is the only common sense protection of the American horse by the Constitution
    of the United States of America.

  6. Rebecca Kittrell says:

    I just finished watching the documentary and the sadness I feel is just overwhelming. I literally felt sick to my stomach. I pray God does not turn his back on America before we get a chance to change the way we treat people, animals, and our lands. We have a nasty history here in America and we have continued to demolish that which is sacred. Father forgive them for they know not what they do…

  7. Susan says:

    The Wild Horses in Wassuk Valley, Nevada are in danger of being slaughtered if the public does not speak out before Aug 25, 2012. Please do all that you can possibly do to stop this ASAP! The BLM has a site to repond via email or by letter. The more that speak out to defend these animals, the more that will be saved. Lyon County is building a meat processing plant to accomodate not only the usual, but guess what!

    • Beth says:

      I just saw this documentary tonight (9/11/12) and am extremely maddened by what our own government is doing to these majestic animals. I will be purchasing DVDs to share with my friends and am interested in helping in whatever way I can. I would also travel to the site of the next “roundup” to stage a protest and block access to the herds. When I was young, I remember reading stories of the old wild west roundups where the horses were herded into a box canyon – but usually a young girl saved the day, set the horses free and everyone learned a valuable lesson. Too bad it’s not that simple anymore.

  8. Shannon Randolph says:

    I too am appalled at our government’s actions with these magnificent animals,and I ask where is the wonderful Robert Redford with all of his money and influence in all of this fiasco? I haven’t seen his name mentioned at all and I believe he is supposed to be a horse lover and recipient of the glory of the wild western lands, but yet, he hasn’t seen the need to assist in this horrible situation? I find that very questionable as to where his true honors are. I contacted NRDC and was told they do not have the time nor resources for this matter, therefore, I have withdrawn my monthly contributions to their organization and will send my monies to the Humane Society and here to better serve organizations that do find time for matters such as these poor creatures we are discussing at present. I also have contacted all friends and will contact senators and the President also. I don’t know who will listen and who won’t, but if we all work together, change will happen. Look at past history!! Do not give up.

  9. Susan Denson says:

    Time is running out. Please act swiftly to save these wild horses!

  10. Michele French says:

    God bless the people that made this film possible. Im making my donation along with signing the petition. I cant believe they (congress) are so willing to destroy all of what america stands for. They wre the ones who need to be defending it!! Along with us… We the people! … Wish there was morew that I could do. That film really got my blood boiling. I will be emaling, calling… Whatever I can do to support this effort. …. God Bless. 🙂

  11. Katy says:

    Call President Obama
    ask for an executive order for a moratorium on all BLM round ups.

    Please contact the Senators on the Energy & Natural Resources Committee and ask that they support a moratorium on all Gathers and removals. Ask them to investigate and hold a hearing to reconsider the R.O.A.M Act (S. 1579

  12. Gloria C says:

    President Obama’s number: #202-456-1111

    Mailing address:

    1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
    Washington DC 20500

    Email the President at: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/submit-questions-and-comments

  13. Deborah Alexander says:

    I watched the very informative show last night and agree new laws need to be enacted. My husband is out of work right now so in the future i will make a donation. Now I would like to know who to contact, an name & address at the end of the show was not on the screen long enough to write it down. All I go was to ask for the executive order and #?

  14. Peter Kawaja says:

    BTW – I guess it would take more than a few good men to form a line to block them as the news media filmed them dragging away the group. This is a horrible situation and seems like a no-win. Thank all of you who made the movie I just watched possible and are exposing the cruelty taking place. We the people just do not have the clout with Congress big money has – that says a lot for America and how low we have slipped into the gutter. I’m just shocked and awed. Man is a predator on the face of this planet and we are destroying all natural resources. I won’t bother you with more dribble, am just sad is all, very sad. We shall each reap what we sow, I wish tenfold back to all man.

    • Susan says:

      I too am shocked,Peter. Now, once again, there are wild horses in danger. The BLM calls this the Wassuk Gather and will make a decision based on the response of the public – whether to destroy or stop. The last vote had 78 responses so perhaps you would be able to inform your contacts and with more requests to stop we might be able to save these horses from the butcher.

  15. Peter Kawaja says:

    Who is the strongest most outspoken advocate/protector of these horses against the BLM? I would like to talk to that person and thank them.

    Why isn’t there a large group of people band together, or is there?
    Like the Occupy Movement, are there people who would put their lives on the line instead of their mouth?

    How many would block the BLM and be willing to do jail time to give these abused animals one day of freedom from the terrorists?

    Why have you not branded the BLM as Domestic Terrorists?

    There’s an old saying; “never bring a knife to a gunfight” – are you all just going to talk and call or write your Congress person as the cruelty continues every day? Is that it? Just write or call? Where are A FEW GOOD MEN? I would like to know. I’m serious.

    Thank You.

    Peter Kawaja

    • Celestia says:

      thank you for your comment…I have been saying the very same thing. I am willing to block the round up and go to jail, however, very few people are. I have also been saying there needs to be a huge organized demostration, one on such a huge scale that the media would not be able to ingnore it. It is amazing how many people know nothing about these round up the cruelty, and the cost to tax payers.

      • MIchael Wilson says:

        Honestly Celestia, I would believe their would be a gang of Regulators that would be willing to die and also kill to save those horses. At least a hundred strong if not more. Those young guns and old guns from prison and in everyday life would give anything to kill for America’s native animals.

  16. Amanda Staelens says:

    I will be purchasing several of these documentaries, and donating them to local LIBRARIES in hopes to spread the knowledge and gain more support for this cause. I also think the BRYER model horse company would support this cause, perhaps by molding a wild horse and all proceeds would support this effort?

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