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Take Action

Help Care for Wild Horses

At this time we are working with Dream Catcher Therapy Center to care for the Wild Horses we rescued from the brutal BLM Spring Creek Round up this past September (2011).

We are still very much in need of donations to continue to care for these wild horses. Dream Catcher Therapy Center is a 501c3 organization so all donations will be tax deductible. Please click on their PayPal donation for “Wild Horses.” Once we prevail in our federal lawsuit (Kleinert vs. Salazar) these wild horses will be returned to their rightful home on our public lands, helping to possibly create new law for America’s Wild Horses & Burros. You can learn more about the lawsuit, purchase a DVD of the film and stay updated on our ongoing campaign to Save America’s Wild Horses.

Thank you so much for your continued support to save America’s wild horses.

– James Anaquad Kleinert –

What can you do to help? – TAKE ACTION!

This issue needs the support of the American public.  Please consider taking some or all of the following actions. YOU can make a difference by taking action.

Protect the last American Wild Horses

Click here to sign the Petition

Voice Your Concern

Let your elected representatives hear your concerns by personal visit, calls, and letters. Help save one of the world’s most spectacular natural resources – the American wild horse.

Sample letter

Dear President Obama & Members of Congress:

We are losing our wild horses and the last of the pristine public lands in the West. I call on you and urge you, our elected officials in the White House and Congress, to:

  1. Get the Department of Interior/BLM suspend all roundups and return healthy horses currently in short- and long-term government holding facilities to the millions of available acres on Herd Areas and Herd Management Areas that BLM has zeroed-out.
  2. Restore protections included in the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act, and return healthy wild horses and burros to public land designated primarily for their use by Congress.
  3. Call for immediate Congressional hearings regarding the mismanagement of our wild herds and further investigate the Bureau of Land Management. This rogue agency is despoiling our wild herds on public lands, and decimating one of America’s, and the world’s, most spectacular natural resources.

Wild Horses and burros matter to me. Please take action now to help protect them and their wild, Western homes!

*Contact information

President Obama: 202-456-1111

Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM)
Senator Bingaman is Chairman of the Senate Energy & Natural Resources Committee, which has jurisdiction over national energy & the public lands of the nation. http://bingaman.senate.gov/contact 202-224-5521 (Washington, DC) * 505-988-6647 (Santa Fe)

Your senators & representatives:
Visit www.senate.gov and www.house.govwww.house.gov for information.

Support This Film

Please support this film! Buy the DVD. Tell your friends. Help spread the word.

Our Objectives

A shift in resources to focus on range management, range enhancements such as water improvements, the limitation of livestock grazing on HMA’s per Federal Code 43 C.F.R. Section 4710.5.

An implementation of programs for monitoring, counting, and identifying wild horses, their social groups and family structures and ongoing research on fertility control.

An end to mass roundups that break up family structures and bonds and destroy long-standing mare/stallion relationships and the removal of all older, wise horses which are responsible for naturally managing the welfare of the herds.

An end to the stockpiling of wild horses as a management method and the creation of viable “exclusive use” sanctuaries or designated areas on the western range.

Thank you very much for your time and support of America’s wild horses and burros.

-James Anaquad Kleinert